What are the Best Ages and Benefits for Children to Learn to Swim?

Jul. 15, 2021

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Parents often ask, how old can children learn to swim? Today, Swimming Accessories Manufacturer will discuss with you the best age group for children to learn to swim and the benefits of learning to swim.

Generally 4-8 years old is the best age for children to learn to swim, why? This is because children of this age have made great progress in terms of physical development, learning ability, and interest in learning, and their breath-holding instincts have not yet been completely forgotten, and they are easy to use when reminded.

Permanent foam Swim Jacket

Permanent foam Swim Jacket

Breath-holding: Children have the breath-holding instinct in their mother's abdomen. As they grow older, the breath-holding instinct fades. The younger the child, the smaller the degree of bone calcification and the smaller the proportion. It is easy to float and help learn to swim.

Softness: Swimming requires good softness, that is, the range of motion of each joint and the flexibility of muscle fibers are great, which greatly helps speed and turning. Generally speaking, the younger the age, the better the softness.

Muscles: childhood (elementary school age), proper growth period, rapid increase in the ratio of muscle weight to body weight, strong arm and leg muscles, strong organization, excess energy, desire to apply strength and control strength, understanding and skills in sports Sexual increase. Therefore, learning in childhood is most suitable.

Improve immunity: Swimming can improve children's ability to resist diseases. Obviously, this is due to long-term swimming, children have adapted to the stimulation of cold water, the body's ability to adjust to changes in the outside temperature is correspondingly improved, and it can adapt quickly to sudden changes in temperature. In addition, children who often swim have higher levels of immunoglobulin in the blood, which makes them less likely to get sick.

Promote bone and muscle growth: regular swimming can exercise the children's muscle tissue, accelerate the blood circulation of the muscle tissue, and promote the development and growth of muscles. In addition, when the body is in the water, the joints of the limbs and the spine will not be directly impacted by the reaction force from the ground during movement, and it is not easy to be injured. At the same time, it is also conducive to the flexibility and flexibility of the skeletal system, allowing joints to be stretched and bone growth more dynamic.

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